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Why digital marketing is becoming essential for pharmacies?

Digital marketing is the recently trending tool that can help pharmacies to reach in a more effective and lower cost way, it helps connecting with the potential customers and audience, turning them into real sales. Talking about the healthcare and pharmacy field, digital marketing is a new helpful way to bring the pharmacy into digital contact with the costumers, staying in a maintained relationship with them..

In the past, pharmacies were using traditional way of marketing to make advertisements, reach to customers and generate leads, by putting their posters on the public streets, then converting to publishing the advertisements on TV channels and radio stations. Nowadays, the traditional marketing is fading away and the world is going on its way to be digitalized, people are using their smartphones, tablets and laptops daily, consuming them for several hours each day watching and following what they are interested in. 

From following to get the latest news, to reading articles about their health, when having some health situations, medical problems, signs and symptoms, people are using social media platforms and search engines to find a suitable answer to provide explanations about their health condition.

Talking about Iraq, according to the data from Data Reportal, and as of January 2021, out of 40 Million population, there are more than 30 Million internet users, that is 75% of the total population of the country. And out of this number of internet users, there are almost 25 Million active social media users whom are using the platforms daily. Regarding annual digital growth of Iraq, there is 2.3% growth in the annual number of internet users, and 19% increase in the annual social media users, adding 4 million people each year to the users.

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Iraq data as of January 2021, provided by Data Reportal.

Number one device used by the internet users is smartphones, almost 75% of them are using their smartphones to access internet, comes laptops and desktops in the second place and tablets in the third place. According to Napleon Cat, as of November 2022, there were more than 26 Million users that were using Facebook in a month, 15 Million using Instagram, and LinkedIn coming in the third place. 

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According to SimilarWeb, the top 5 social media platforms in Iraq as of January 2023 are Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp.

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Data about most visited social media platforms in Iraq, provided by SimilarWeb, as of January 2023.

The numbers are talking, there is a large number of internet users that are consuming it actively in the area. Using these channels to deliver your advertisements is a good way, as it is becoming the trend in the region. The number of pharmacies are increasing day after day using the digital marketing strategies, as there are facts and proves that these businesses got direct benefit and growth by applying these strategies.

Using social media platforms and having an active presence, posting the products and services daily, knowing how to choose and specify your audience, targeting them and choosing the suitable placements (Platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp and others that are most used in the region) and delivering the product is one of the effective ways to generate leads. 

Another important tool is using website, having a good looking and professional website that clearly contains what are you offering is an essential step for your business, improving SEO is the next step to gain organic visitors to your website and start interacting. Businesses that have products and physical store, can make good benefits by using these channels and strategies to enhance the audience by a cost-effective method.

Healthcare digital marketing is continuing to grow year-by-year being an important strategy for the pharmacies to look for, this way, new ways of interacting with these large population audiences can be achieved.

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