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Exclusive: An interview with the Head of Syndicate of Kurdistan Pharmacists, Dr. Baref Zahir

In this episode of Pharma Vision Podcast, the host will interview Dr. Baref Zahir, Head of the Syndicate of Kurdistan Pharmacists/Iraq, discussing recent topics and situations facing pharmacists in Kurdistan Region, unemployment of pharmacists, recent data about the number of pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and drugstores operating in the region, future of pharmacists and many more.

Note: The episode was recorded in Kurdish (Sorani).

Listen on:

2nd Episode – Exclusive [Ku]: An interview with Dr. Baref Zahir – Head of Syndicate of Kurdistan Pharmacists Pharma Vision Podcast

Discussed in this episode:

  • Biography of Dr. Baref Zahir
  • Current situation of pharmacists, goods and bads
  • Unemployment of pharmacists since 2015-2016, leading to 8 unemployed rounds of pharmacists, the Syndicate’s plan and project regarding that
  • Recent data about the number of pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and drugstores that are currently operating in Kurdistan Region
  • Separation of pharmacist’s career between public and private sectors, the Syndicate’s project
  • Rising number of pharmacists and private colleges, Syndicate’s vision and plan
  • The Syndicate has just become a member of FIP (International Federation of Pharmacists) last year, how its members can get benefit from that?
  • Recent conferences and activities of the Syndicate
  • Can private college students receive official Syndicate’s ID after graduating?
  • AMR conference this year, how pharmacists can participate

Biography of Dr. Baref Zahir

Dr. Baref Zahir, born in 1979, heralding from Erbil, Iraq. He embarked on his educational journey by completing his High School Certification at Koya Preparatory School in 1996, setting the foundation for a remarkable career ahead.

Dr. Baref pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in the esteemed College of Pharmacy at Salahaddin University, Erbil. He excelled in his studies, graduating in 2002 with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for pharmaceutical sciences.

Determined to further his expertise, Dr. Baref went on to attain a Master of Science in Clinical Pharmacy from the College of Pharmacy at Hawler Medical University in 2009. He then undertook a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Pharmacology at Hawler Medical University.

Dr. Baref Zahir was appointed as the Head of Syndicate of Kurdistan Pharmacists/Iraq (SKPI) in December 2019. Leading the syndicate, he strives to foster professional development, enhance patient care standards, and advocate for the rights and interests of pharmacists across the Kurdistan region.

Recent data about pharmaceutical sector in Kurdistan Region as of 2023

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