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From Pharmacist to Nutritionist: Dora Chan’s Inspiring Journey [4th Episode]

In the 4th episode of Pharma Vision Podcast, tune in and listen to Dora Chan, a dedicated and accomplished pharmacist. In this episode, we’ll explore Dora’s impressive journey and contributions to the world of pharmacy. From her educational background to her experiences as a pharmacist, Dora’s insights will shed light on the crucial role pharmacists play in healthcare.

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Discussed in this episode:

  • Dora’s diverse background as a PharmD, MS, Pharmacist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Licensed Nutritionist.
  • The role of pharmacists in nutrition-based interventions.
  • The impact of dietary modifications on reducing medication use for chronic health conditions.
  • Key messages and advice for patients regarding nutrition.
  • Inspiring success stories where patients achieved significant health improvements through dietary changes.
  • Challenges in transitioning patients to nutrition-focused care and strategies to address them.
  • Integration of nutrition into healthcare systems to promote overall health and reduce medication dependence.
  • Advice and recommended resources for pharmacists interested in specializing in nutrition-based pharmacy.
  • The proactive role of pharmacists in educating patients about nutrition and preventive care.

Join us in exploring the vital intersection of pharmacy and nutrition with our esteemed guest. Stay tuned for more engaging conversations on Pharma Vision!

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