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Launched in 2023, Pharma Vision is a groundbreaking initiative that caters to the global pharmaceutical community through two exceptional platforms: the Pharma Vision Podcast and an interactive online platform.


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From Pharmacist to Nutritionist: Dora Chan's Inspiring Journey [4th Episode] Pharma Vision Podcast

  1. From Pharmacist to Nutritionist: Dora Chan's Inspiring Journey [4th Episode]
  2. 3rd Episode – Exclusive [Ar]: An interview with Dr. Mustafa Al-Hiti – Head of Syndicate of Iraqi Pharmacists
  3. 2nd Episode – Exclusive [Ku]: An interview with Dr. Baref Zahir – Head of Syndicate of Kurdistan Pharmacists

The Pharma Vision Podcast, launched in 2023, is a captivating auditory experience that unlocks the latest and most relevant insights in the pharmaceutical world. 

Hosted by a team of passionate pharmacists, this engaging podcast serves as a beacon of knowledge for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Through in-depth discussions, informative interviews, and expert analysis, the podcast explores recent trends and critical topics facing the pharmaceutical sector. 

Each episode is a gateway to understanding groundbreaking discoveries, regulatory developments, and the future of pharmacy. Join us on this exhilarating journey of discovery and enlightenment as Pharma Vision Podcast ignites conversations, fosters innovation, and paves the way for a brighter future in pharmacy.

Meet the Host

Anas Hawar, pharmacist, CEO and Founder of Digital Vision, is the host of Pharma Vision’s podcast. He is graduated from Hawler Medical University/College of Pharmacy in 2023.

As he has been passionate about technology since childhood, he strongly believes in the power of digital transformation in healthcare and pharmacy, changing the way how the providers communicate with patients to have a better life, that’s where he came with the idea of founding Pharma Vision, to be Pharma’s ultimate platform and podcast, a source for everyone interested in pharma.

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